Before the Empire, when Sargothia was divided among kings who warred for land and resources. Other than their conflicts against each other, only one other race traded blood for blood on the battlefield with man, the Orc.
Strong and savage, the Orc only knew one way of life. War, raid and breed. What they lacked in discipline and tactics, they more than made up for in numbers and ferocity.

During the years of the Black Famine ash fell from the sky and the sun was blacked out for over a year. During this time, crops failed and many starved, but even worse was when the Orcs emptied their warrens and gathered as a single horde.Like a wave of death they crashed against wall after wall and killed all who opposed them.

It is this very event that gave rise to the Empire. Kingdoms were dissolved and humanity reorganized itself into a single machine of war.

From this war with the Orcs, came the Warborn.

Seeking a way to match the Orc’s strength and ability to replenish their numbers on the battlefield, Alchemists discovered a way to grow an Orc / Human hybrid that could be produced in huge numbers, and would be ready for the battlefield in half the time it takes a human.

With this new weapon to turn the tide of war, the horde was broken and the remaining orcs were ruthlessly hunted down and exterminated. It is thought that no pure blood orcs remain.

Warborn display characteristics of both progenitors. They appear to be larger than average humans with a heavier bone structure that shows mostly in the skull where it isn’t covered in thick musculature. Typically they display a heavy lower jaw, thick brow, and prominent lower canines that protrude beyond closed lips. They are often thought to be dim witted, and certainly appear the part, but they are actually equal to humans in intellectual potential. They usually lack even the most basic education beyond that needed to kill on the battlefield which they are trained to do from birth.

After the war, the numbers of Warborn needed dropped and so they became good candidates for laborers primarily working large plantations or remote factories where they can be kept separated from the general population.


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