Edge of the World

The known world is dwarfed by the seemingly endless expanse of water that is The Vast. Ancient explorers recorded accounts of an end to the vast. It is known to turn to ice to the north and far to the south, but to the west it ends in stone and to the east it ends in fire.

The ancient records claim that it took half a year to reach the edge to the west, The winds would not persist and if they did, they seemed to be trying to blow the early explorers back to their homes. They claim to have found their a wall of stone that stood a mile high and stretched to the north and south as far as a weeks rowing would allow them to see.

To the east, the journey only took a season, but at its end they were confronted by a line of volcanoes blowing rivers of lava that exploded in great clouds of steam when they fell into the water. This repeated to the north and south as far as they could explore in a month.

Scholars have come to believe that we float alone in a great expanse of elemental water with earth and fire claiming regions to the west and east. It is not known why the cold rules realms to the north and south, but surely it is a lifeless place of evil and death.

Edge of the World

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