Dargothian Empire

A sprawling empire encompassing the majority of the known world. A machine of progress and efficiency, the empire tightly controls the whole of the continent Sargothia, and a great portion of Northern Faelorne.

There are few resources that the empire has not tapped for one purpose of another. Humans make up the majority of the populous with examples of other races who have adapted to imperial rule or become consumed by it.

From some perspectives, it may be tempting to state that the empire is evil, which it very well may be, but it is obvious that it is built upon some form of equality and justice from the lowest of laborers to book keepers and law enforcers. It is a complex network of systems that becomes lost to the average man beyond the lifestyle he leads. For most it is enough to have a warm safe place to lie down after a day of work, for others, only the most opulent environs will do. The empire seems to have a place and a way for all of these and more. Its when you try to operate outside the system that you run afoul of the empire and it’s enforcers.

Keep your walking papers about you, record the comings and goings of your coin, and learn what you can afford to better your station, and you can live a fulfilling, comfortable life.If you are lucky enough to be born a dwarf, then you will live a splendid life.

Dargothian Empire

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