Still painting things with broad strokes.

Fantasy Frontier is a campaign based upon the concept of the discovery of an uncharted continent. Old political powers struggle against one another, racing to get a foothold on a vast wilderness of untapped potential. The Mystlords of Faevalen, Emperor Thrand of the Dargothian Empire, and the High Magistar of the Obsidian Tower have all signed charters promising fabulous wealth and power to those bold enough to hold claims in their name.

Who will make the dangerous journey across The Vast and scale the Edge of the World to explore the new frontier? Will you win land and earn title by the decree of a king or go and carve out a kingdom of your own through your own might?

Fantasy Frontier is a classic fantasy themed game with a twist. The human race has fully embraced its potential to adapt to their environment and then, once conquered, adapt everything within it to their own ends. Nothing in classic fantasy has escaped the all-consuming efficiency of human ingenuity and industry.
Dwarves work tirelessly as laborers and artisans of the empire, fueling the ever-growing human lust for convenience. Dislodged from their pastoral homelands, Halflings now roam the known world living a bohemian like lifestyle focusing on their passions for life even though they have sacrificed some comfort.
The Elves have resisted invasion only in the most ancient of their forests. They continually chafe against human advancement in a war that has lasted 200 years. The wings of a dragon have not darkened the skies above Sargothia for 1000 years.

It is little wonder why so many have taken to the idea of a fresh start in a new land rich with possibility.

Fantasy Frontier